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  • at the dying of the light

    Okay, so the title is a little dramatic, but it was pretty much sunset and it’s also the last day of summer. It was a scorcher! Well, not really, but it was hot as heck. Worked on some practicum work for my lovely clients, then met up with Cat Lum to film and photograph some…

  • popsicle weather

    popsicle weather

    An outfit from a couple of months ago, when the weather was far too hot for sleeves of any kind. And yet! Here I am, wearing sleeves. Luckily, I had made mango pineapple popsicles just that week, so after a gruelling trip on non-air conditioned transit, I had (four) popsicles!But really, all weather is popsicle…

  • some warmth

    Didn’t realize it was going to be so cold this morning so I suffered the first part of my day with bare legs. OH WELL.