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  • briefly looking back

    briefly looking back

    I’m diverging because I don’t really have much to talk about with the prompt for today, so instead I’ll share some photos from a trip to Kota Kinabalu (where my parents are from) and Singapore almost six years ago. Had to go looking for a picture and came across them, and spent a bit reminiscing…

  • of course i’m not unafraid

    of course i’m not unafraid

    Well, well, well. Two days in a row! I still want to write more tonight but it’s already 11pm so… we’ll see where I end up. Today’s prompt was: How are you brave? Over the course of the day, most of the things I thought about circled back around to this: I’m brave because I…

  • so, here’s the thing

    so, here’s the thing

    I’m not sure I ever thought I’d write another blog post. That sounds a bit odd, considering where I work, but when placed among all the other priorities and shifting whims of life, that’s about where the notion ended up: nowhere. But! Some friends and colleagues were taking part in Bloganuary this year and, well…