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  • hello, 2019

    hello, 2019

    New year, new me! Or so the saying goes. January 1st has come and gone, and we now find ourselves in the barren wasteland that is fast-encroaching mid-January. Did you make any resolutions? ‘Cause I can tell you right now, I sure as hell didn’t. You know what I did make? Goals. Vague goals, sure, […]

  • i just called to say i love you 🎶

    So it’s been just under a week since I dropped the first episode of what’s ur fave, my love child podcast, and I couldn’t be more over the moon with how it’s been received. I didn’t know how much of a passion project it would morph into, especially just imagining it, until I started making […]

  • resurgence

    What’s that line again? Oh, yeah – “Don’t call it a comeback”, LL Cool J circa 1990. Sometimes I feel a little bit like a KPop band, with their multiple “comebacks”, usually set only a short 1-2 years apart because to them and their industry that’s regularly regarded as a long-ass time and people become […]

  • self-care saturday

    Oh heeyyyyyyy, blog-I-haven’t-written-anything-for-in-a-year-and-a-half. Sorry? Not sorry? Kind of unsure how to feel about my time away? I’ll go with that last one.

  • thoughts on being ready

    Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I’m unfortunately capable of being full on, flat out, boy crazy. I allowed it, sadly, to shape a lot of my own self-perceptions while growing up, and having a boyfriend became the be-all end-all of my existence. Those feelings would later inform me on how to act in my […]

  • high tea: take two

    high tea: take two

    Life’s been pretty weird lately, in the way that it usually is – a mix of highs and lows, good and bad, dry and rainy (no! bad rain!). Now that I am apparently a legitimate grown-up with a nine-to-five job, I’ve turned into a weekend warrior, where everything I do on the weekend is to […]

  • contemplation


    There’s no doubting I’ve been in a mood lately, and things have been happening so fast and at such weird times and in terrible and terrific ways. It also doesn’t help that Daylight Savings is an evil sucking assface. In other news, I figured out how to operate the remote for my camera! (There were […]