gm 2019 recap: thoughts, feelings, revelations

Oh hi! Long time no blog, huh? It’s been a whirlwind lately, and I haven’t taken much time to do things that I enjoy, including writing (in whatever form that takes on any particular day). But! I just spent a week in Orlando with 800+ of my coworkers being inspired, challenged, and cheered on, andContinue reading “gm 2019 recap: thoughts, feelings, revelations”

i just called to say i love you 🎶

So it’s been just under a week since I dropped the first episode of what’s ur fave, my love child podcast, and I couldn’t be more over the moon with how it’s been received. I didn’t know how much of a passion project it would morph into, especially just imagining it, until I started makingContinue reading “i just called to say i love you 🎶”

vedif day 1

Welp, here we go again! Although this is my first time trying a VED-X, it’s not my first attempt getting back into video-making and content creation. Even going through the few posts on this blog, you’ll see past attempts at getting content consistently posted. I really really really want to push it this time toContinue reading “vedif day 1”