i just called to say i love you 🎶

So it’s been just under a week since I dropped the first episode of what’s ur fave, my love child podcast, and I couldn’t be more over the moon with how it’s been received. I didn’t know how much of a passion project it would morph into, especially just imagining it, until I started making it. I knew I definitely wanted to start a podcast, if only because I thought it’d be easier than my previous (and numerous) forays into vlogging/video-based content. I’ve quickly come to realize that calling it a love child is probably the most accurate label I could’ve given it.

what’s ur fave (so far) combines some of my great loves: celebrating people (usually my friends), candid and often hilarious conversation, and making people feel at ease. The feedback I’ve been getting so far has been the light of my days, to be poetically pretentious, and incredibly validating. To know that people actually enjoy the content and seem to get what I’m trying to do, even if that’s something I’m still figuring out, means everything to me.

So here’s to anyone who’s listened so far: thank you. I appreciate you. Thank you for listening to a dorky little goober who just wanted to make something of her own to share with the world.

Oh god, ‘kay, I need to stop being a sappy fucker.

Love you guys.

xx Kristi

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