(dark) red lip classic

(dark) red lip classic

So, just like everybody and their great-grandma, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 on hardcore repeat since the day it came out, and I am loving it. What was I before “Bad Blood” or “Style”? Dark and without life, I imagine. On another note, Life (yes, with a capital L – we’re getting serious here) has been hella confusing, in the way that 90% of it isn’t but the remaining 10% is VERY CONFUSING TO A CONCERNING DEGREE. Halp.

(dark) red lip classic
(dark) red lip classic

I got my certificate in the mail the other day, so it’s now official – I’ve graduated college. Woo? It doesn’t feel particularly life-changing, but that could be because I don’t currently have a job in my field. I feel like I’m on a bit of a hiatus right now, and I’m not sure how to feel about that feel. I’m basically waiting to have enough money for myself and my friend Cindy to move out and life will begin to pick up.

In the meantime, I want to take this hiatus-y opportunity to blog more, and knit more, and sew more, and basically do more stuff that I wanted to do while I was in school but was too stressed to do! Hooray!

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well – I’m back to work tomorrow and then off for Remembrance Day. What is this week even.

5 responses to “(dark) red lip classic”

  1. I love dark red lipstick and it looks so good on you! I haven’t yet had the courage to try it out, nor the opportunity. Perhaps my husband’s work Christmas party?
    I also have T-Swift on repeat. Working in an elementary school in Alberta, we’re on Fall Break right now…I don’t go back to work until the 17th, haha


    • You should definitely try it! It’s a lot more wearable than you think, trust me – but if there’s any season to try it out, it’s the holiday season.
      I am insanely jelly that you’re not back to work until the 17th! I’m savouring all my days off, but this week is extra weird because they’re all sandwiched in between working days -_________-


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