web + graphic design | video production


Web Design

When it comes to web design, I enjoy the meshing of both aspects. Putting together a technical foundation for a site, and then building the cosmetic makeup on top of that is interesting to me, and I like the challenge of bringing an initial concept through to the end product.


Graphic Design

Graphic design used to be a mythical beast to me - in a way, it still kind of is! But in an exciting way, because it is a continuous learning experience with every new person or company you work with. It also appeals to my old dream of being an "artist", but now I can cover my non-existent drawing skills with program tools!



Video is, by far, the discipline that I want to further my skills in the most. The magic of video has always fascinated me, and I think it is such a wide medium that has so much opportunity for expression and use across a broad spectrum of industries. It is definitely a skill that can transition through different stages of my future career.